The Best of Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship

The best way to learn about leadership and social entrepreneurship at St. John’s College is to join Project Politae. If you want to enroll at St. John’s College, immerse yourself into some rigorous, hands-on community leadership program, graduate from St. John’s and become an apt global citizen, or an attractive employee that every employer wants to hire to for some larger than life responsibilities, then St. John’s public service program will be best option for you. The Project Politae leadership is filled with opportunity for you to find some community projects that make you tick and get the resources and support you need to pursue them.

We already have some generic Project Politae projects that you can become a project leader for. With these, you will handle responsibilities much of which is advertising. Being at St. John’s College where everyone is totally absorbed into their work one has to develop good advertising skills and methods cunning enough to distract the students into some good off-curriculum work. You might choose to do a flyer campaign, invade classrooms just before tutorial time and put your colorful advertisement on the chalkboard, or talk to people over lunch giving them interesting arguments about why doing good in the community is good for them. There are a lot of things you could do. The bottom line is that being part of the Project Politae leadership at St. John’s College is a challenge for one to be creative and develop important interpersonal and marketing skills.

These interpersonal and marketing skills are also tested when the project leader works with the outside community. As a project leader one has to liaise with the community service coordinators of the community partners that Project Politae works with. The work involves initiating conversation on why you want to start or continue working with the organization, when to do it and getting feedback from them on how they appreciate the work you are doing with them.

A large part of the Project Politae leadership curriculum involves leading by example and showing the correct attitude in sharing what you do with others. It’s about creating the best atmosphere for the project that you lead and sharing both your attitude and enthusiasm with the participants. This is something that a leadership course would never completely inculcate into you to the level when you do it so well. It’s only achievable by practice and Project Politae gives you that opportunity.

There is something deeply satisfying about sharing your vision so well with others so that others can run with it. And when they do run with it, it is so touching to see things getting done, lives being changed and the community benefitting from the collective effort of young people who often consider themselves not capable of noble acts. Isn’t this the chief aim of leadership? To make the most impact in your jurisdiction. When you work with Project Politae this happens in each and every one of your projects. You can actually evaluate the impact that you are making, both by your own maturity or satisfaction and also by the reviews you get from those you work with.

Project Politae also provides the opportunity to sit down with others and devise policy on how the organization should be run through the Board of Directors. In this case, the organization resembles the structure of a fully-fledged professional brand that is concerned with success, and continuity. By virtue of being a project leader one automatically become a member of the Board whose ideas are very important in the running of the organization. Part of the project leader’s responsibilities  in the context of the Board will be to plan the dates for future projects, liaising with the volunteer coordinators of the organizations involved and initiating discussion on the importance of the project they lead and how best to make more impact. So, as a Project Leader working with Project Politae one becomes a policy maker of some sort.

This is a wonderful experience you should not miss. If you are learning to become a global citizen, this opportunity is for you. Learn leadership by practicing it. Become a good citizen by complementing your studies with real life experience outside the classroom.


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